Need Clarity with Your Life Goals, Create a List!

Do you ever feel disorganized or unclear about achieving your life goals? 

I started thinking about this issue while helping some friends organize their house recently. There was a problem with the moving company that day.   As a result, the movers just unloaded all the possessions in one place and left my friends to put away everything. 

When I first saw the place, a couple days after the movers had been there, the house was overwhelmingly cramped and disorganized.   My friends felt frustrated as they didn’t know where to start on the project to get their place looking like home.  They had an idea of how they wanted the place to look, but had no clue how to implement it.  They didn’t mention anything to me about wanting help, but I volunteered as I have been in that position before and could relate to what they were going through.  We worked together and got the place organized! Success.

Sometimes you just need others to help you turn your goal into small, manageable steps. You may have a general goal (i.e., to organize your house) but if you don’t have specific goals set in motion of how you will achieve that general goal, you could end up overwhelmed and stuck.  Two life lessons I have to share with you today are: Be specific about your goals and share them with others.

Following your dreams can at times feel like my friends' scenario.  I have been in that position before.  After I graduated from university, I wanted to empower individuals (pretty general, right?).  I became confused as a result as I had no idea how I would achieve this.  My vision board that I made a few years ago reflects that. The board has very general life goals.


Recently though, after having a consult about becoming a life coach with a wonderful mentor of mine, Julie Parker, I realized I had to become more specific.  I figured out my target audience and suddenly the fog that I had been seeing lifted.  I knew exactly the steps to take to achieve my goal.  Thanks Julie for your advice and for reminding me that reaching out and sharing your dreams with others is advantageous.

I must admit that sharing your life goals with others can be nerve-wracking as you are exposing your vulnerabilities but it is so worth it.  So today, with the encouragement of others (especially a friend and fellow blogger, Rita Chand), I’m sharing my list with you all. Check it out below. I thought I would share it with you so you can join me on my journey.

The process of writing out my specific goals gave me order, less clutter, and regained focus in my life. They are all things that I have been saying I would like to do for a long time and will help me achieve my goal of empowering others through being my authentic self.

Life List 2

If you were to create a lifelist, what would you write on there? Have you created one already, I’d love to see it.

Thank you both Julie and Rita for helping me achieve my dreams. You Rock!

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!