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Many Leaves, One Tree

Movies are great sources of inspiration. I went to go see "Epic" several weeks ago and this quote stood out to me.  Therefore, I'm sharing it with you :) I really do recommend this movie if you haven't seen it yet - go see it - it is so powerful!

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Wisconsin Anchor Jennifer Livingston's Response to Critics

I have to share with you this moving video about Jennifer Livingston, a Wisconsin television anchor, who received an insulting email from a viewer criticizing her weight.  The reason I find this video powerful is because of how she COPED with the situation.  As you all know, my work revolves around body-image, self-esteem, and coping, so I love when I encounter role models who are sharing their stories with others.

We all encounter setbacks and critics; it is all about how you deal with them.  In Jennifer's case, instead of dwelling on the man's mean words, she PERSEVERED! 

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