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Ian Warner's Self-Discovery Lessons on Making the Transition from Athlete to Entrepreneur

I’m so excited that today, athlete and entrepreneur Ian Warner is empowering us all to #fuelpersistence through sharing his story, passions, and life lessons. Ian reached out to me through Twitter and after connecting with him through email, I had to invite him to share his story on The Self-Disovery Retreat. I love his passion for life and how he created a company with his brother, also a fellow athlete.

Ian Warner grew up in Toronto, Ontario, where he attended the athletic powerhouse, Birchmount Park Collegiate. There he won provincials 8 times and earned himself an athletic scholarship to Iowa State. At Iowa State, he excelled as an entrepreneur by raising $150,000 from an angel investor. The same year as that investment, he became an NCAA All-American and made the 2012 Canadian Olympic Team.

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Olympian Chandra Crawford's Self-Discovery Lessons on the Power of Inspirational Role Models

Happy New Year! For many of us, January marks the beginning of new goals that we set for ourselves. The start of the new calendar year also marks the countdown for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games happening this summer. Therefore, I thought I would set the year off on the right track for all of us by showcasing a mentor of mine, Chandra Crawford, who has excelled in achieving her goals as a Gold-Medal Canadian Olympian and Founder of the organization, “Fast and Female.” I’m excited that today Chandra is sharing her insights to help us all #fuelpersistence in our personal and professional goals. Chandra is a positive role model, who I am honoured to feature on Arianna’s Random Thoughts. With this interview, my hope is that Chandra will empower us all with some practical strategies for achieving our dreams.

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Director of Athletics Dr. Ivan Joseph's Self-Discovery Lesson on Practicing the Skill of Self-Confidence

As the Director of Athletics at Ryerson University in Toronto, Dr. Joseph leads the university’s sports community of 12 varsity teams, more than 20 multi-tiered intramural leagues, several sports clubs, and other extensive offerings.  He shows the participants how to be their personal best athletically and mentally, both as individuals and as a group.

In his former role of recruiting student athletes, he was often asked what skill he was most searching for when looking for potential members to his teams; was it speed? Strength? Agility? In Dr. Joseph's TEDx Talk, he answers this question, explaining how self-confidence is not just the most important skill in athletics, but in our lives!  Watch Dr. Joseph’s talk here:

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Persevere Even When No One Will Listen

“Never, ever, ever, give up!” You may have to adapt your course like I have, but trust me don’t quit! I have persevered through many obstacles in my life; the most recent occurred within the last year. Instead of giving up, I changed my approach.  Doing so has made all the difference to achieving my goals.

Through my research and athletic experience at graduate school, I saw a need to reduce bullying in sport. The research I had conducted focused on creating effective school-based bullying prevention programs.  However, towards the end of my studies, it became very apparent that prevention cannot only occur in formal classroom settings (as these programs were using). I believe this needed to reach beyond the classroom. After I graduated, I wanted to improve the climates of educational and athletic environments by focusing on healthy relationships.

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Profile of Perseverance: Krissy Moehl

I have interviewed many people for my “Profiles of Perseverance” series about how they persevere through many types of obstacles.  After watching Krissy's TEDTalk online, I had to ask her to be part of this series.  I'm so blessed she agreed to take part. She really inspired me!  I'm so glad I heard her speak.  Krissy Moehl is a Ultra trail runner, event promoter of Runner Girl Races, Coach,  Patagonia Ambassador,  and a 2 time Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc champion. She is an awesome woman!  I love the work she is doing! I really respect her and think she has a powerful mission. Thanks, Krissy, for sharing with us the lessons you have learned throughout your life! Keep running, smiling, and sharing your story!

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Rise & Shine Interview: Michael Fear of Get Better Today

Michael Fear grew up in a small town in Indiana. Being an aspiring athlete in a small town brought its own disadvantages. There was no easy way to find and connect with the proper coaches or instructors that he needed to get better. After many months of searching, instructors were found through word of mouth. Michael and his dad were forced to drive 4 hours roundtrip, for hitting lessons. Michael thought, "There has to be a better way!" Therefore, he developed his own business, Get Better Today.

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Rise & Shine Interview: Wade Wilson

Today, Wade Wilson, is sharing with us his thoughts about perseverance.  Thanks Wade!  His message is really valuable and insightful.  I suggest you read it.  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Self-Reflection is a wonderful but scary process. It is difficult to objectively look at our faults and acknowledge them, however being able to learn from past set-backs is necessary to achieve excellence. We can self-reflect on both positive and negative experiences to find strength to persevere.

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Profile of Perseverance: Marie-Hélène Thibeault of Fast and Female

Today, Marie-Hélène (M&H) Thibeault, a Canadian Alpine Ski Team alumnus and the Executive Director of Fast and Female, shares her thoughts on perseverance with us.  Fast and Female was created by Chandra Crawford (Canadian Olympic Gold Medallist) in 2005.  Through partnering with Olympic athletes, it is dedicated to the empowerment of young women through sport. As a female athlete, I'm a proud supporter of the work that they do and have written about them on my blog in the past.  I'm delighted that I get to promote them on here as I fully believe in their vision.

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Rise & Shine Interview: Mina Samuels

I'm delighted to share with you a personal story of perseverance by Mina Samuels (Author of "Run Like A Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives"). Mina Samuels is a freelance writer and editor. A former litigation lawyer and human rights activist, she has ghostwritten and edited work on a wide range of topics including human rights, business and legal issues, sports, and fiction. Mina’s most recent book is Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives. Her previous books include, a novel, The Queen of Cups, and The Think Big Manifesto, co-authored with Michael Port. When she’s not writing, she might be found out on the roads or trails, running, cycling, cross-country skiing, or doing yoga, among many other things. If you would like to connect with her, you can check out her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter! Thanks for sharing your story with us Mina.

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RIP Sarah Burke: Today We Lost An Inspiration

I was really saddened to hear this afternoon of the passing of Champion freestyle skier and fellow Canadian Sarah Burke.

Sarah died today, nine days after she crashed at the bottom of the superpipe during a training run in Utah on Jan. 10.  She sustained life-threatening injuries which placed her in a coma.

She was a pioneer in her sport and such an inspiration to many people all over the world.  Her energy and her passion for her sport were evident every time you saw her.  I loved her bubbly attitude and her strong presence in sport. She was a role model of mine and I admired her accomplishments.  She was instrumental in getting ski halfpipe into the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

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Press On! : What Rowing Taught Me About Resilience

You may have the best intentions, but if you do not know how to deal with setbacks, you will be unsuccessful at achieving your goal.

In yesterday's post, I mentioned the three stages to goal setting: planning, implementation, and maintenance.  Many people have a goal; one way of achieving that goal is to devise a great plan.  However, people often fail to take into consideration the obstacles that they may encounter in the process.

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal" - Henry Ford

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Strike Three: Bullying You Are Out!

I have always been an athlete. My passion for sports, the sport environment, competition, and the empowering feeling I get after a long workout are what keep me involved.  I strongly believe that participating in sports teaches skills and lessons that you cannot learn in a classroom.  The sport environments which I have been a part of foster passionate and driven people who treat others with respect.I thought sports were supposed to be fun – so what’s with the stories about the “chilly climate”? When I think of chilly climates, I think of the frigid temperatures in Ottawa, Ontario (the coldest capital in the world) where I grew up.  Winter lasted almost six months.  The snow, ice, and freezing-cold temperatures could make anyone want to hibernate until spring.  However, despite the chilly climate, we would all embrace the climate by going outside and having fun.  There were plenty of ways to be active outside during these months: skating, skiing, tobaganning, building snow forts, etc.

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Inspiring Video: "Inside The Olympic Dream"

I just found this amazing video of the Canadian Men's Olympic Rowing Team which was shot at Elk Lake in Victoria, B. C.  I thought I would share this of some incredible athletes since the video reinforces the mental training component of athletics which I blogged about yesterday in my post .  Also, this is where I learned to row :) .

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Are some athletes missing a fundaMENTAL component to their training?

Practice makes perfect, right? Or, if you keep training and improving, you will win medals, right? The common motivational advice from other athletes is: "Keep practicing and never give up!"

When I hear statements like these, it seems that athletics can be simplified into a formula.  You train for this many hours (10,000 hours as said by Malcolm Gladwell)  or repeat the motion 50,000 times, and you will excel at it.  In many sports programs, the focus is on the physical and technical aspects.  The athletes constantly train to improve their technique to become the best they can be.  They go to practice and do drills to better their performance.

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"Fall Down Seven, Stand Up Eight": How do people persist despite setbacks?

How do people persist despite setbacks?”  This is a question I have been asking myself recently.

I think we can learn a lot from athletes.  Last semester, while I was rowing in the provincial race, my seat fell off the track and stopped four times.  It wrecked my performance and the performance of our eight boat but I quickly took the seat off the track four times and put it back on and continued rowing.  I didn't even think for a second to stop rowing, quit, and not finish the race.

I learned a lot from this competition and many other experiences over my athletic journey .  No matter how hard you try to control life and practice for the perfect race or game (in sport and in life), things can go wrong.   As much as you try to control it, you can never control the actions of others and the environment around you.  The aspect you can control, however, is how you react to the situation (i.e., your attitude).

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Stay in the Boat: Focus on the Positive in Life

The dream starts out with a University Crew Women’s Eight at the starting line competing in a 6k race against three other boats.  The boat begins the course with eight rowers and one coxie.

At the starting gate, one of the athletes focused on how she was treated rudely by one coach and overlooked by the others because of her abilities. Suddenly, she - including her seat and her oar -disappeared from the boat!

The other athletes decide they would continue the race without her, since they had worked so hard during the season.  The race started off really well. Then at the the 5,900 metre mark, there is an equipment failure where one of the oarlocks breaks.  The athlete who’s oarlock broke doesn’t know what to do, and stops rowing. Then “poof”, the second athlete disappears.

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Never Give Up: A Lesson Learned From Silken Laumann

I was looking for something this morning and I found a portfolio that I made for my grade nine Skills for Success class.  The teacher had asked us to put in the portfolio written work from each of your classes. I found this essay I wrote for my grade nine English class and I had to share as she still inspires me to not give up.

A hero is a man or woman admired for achievements and noble qualities. The following essay is about Silken Laumann.  This essay will discuss how Silken's been recognized as a sports hero, how she was able to change society by her special characteristics, and how she fits the the definition of a hero.

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Yes Coach....

After years of experience in the world of competitive and recreational sport (through active participation and watching many events), I know the importance of the coaches' role in the athletes development. There are some amazing coaches out there and if you have the pleasure to work with them, it’s a joy. However as in any occupation there are some which ruin the reputation  of the role for all the others.

The "bad coaches" in this case are the ones who go too far and "abuse" their athletes.  I have been doing a lot of work in emotional abuse and how harsh words can impact a person’s life. After reading an article by Ashley Stirling and Gretchen Kerr (2008) from the University of Toronto called “Defining and categorizing emotional abuse in sport”, many of athlete’s experiences got me thinking. 

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