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Spring Into Action

During the winter months, the opposite of ‘moving’ or ‘doing’ occurs. Many people don’t feel motivated to do anything except sit inside by the fire and get warm. The lack of sun and cold temperatures prompt people to stay inside and enter hibernation mode. Growing up in Canada, you get used to long winters and learn to adapt to the snow and cold temperatures. You learn to have fun despite the harsh winter months. Still, we Canadians are always excited for spring to come!

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Are You Addicted To Sugar?

Are you addicted to sugar but don’t even realize it? I was, until a month ago.

For years, people had mentioned that sugar caused me to get excited. But I didn’t think I was addicted to sugar; I thought I was mindful about what I was consuming. However during a recent conversation with a friend, I became enlightened. The information led me to dig deeper and learn more about my sugar consumption.

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Spring is in the Air!

On a walk this past weekend and seeing all the beauty that surrounded me, I started to think about my blog.  The “random” thoughts going through my head centred around how can I make my site a better foundation for all of us to grow.

This spring shouldn’t just be a time for flowers to reach their full potential; we should take their cue that it is our time to rise up.

Instead of looking to myself for the answers, I am reaching out and asking for your input; we are on this journey together.  You are a vital part of this community and your “random” thoughts matter.

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Rise & Shine Interview: Jessica Larsen of Hello Wordsmith

Jessica Larsen is a word-wrangler, story-seeker and general lover of wonder + whimsy. She loves green smoothies, summer evenings, and motivational movie montages. She is actively pursuing a life of inspiration, adventure and truth. By day, you can find her giving legal and policy advice to the Government. By night, she is a cape-wearing online superhero who writes, pontificates and inspires over at and Hello Wordsmith. Thanks, Jess, for sharing with us the lessons you have learned throughout your life! Keep writing, smiling, and sharing your story! 

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