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Rebecca Fraser-Thill's Self-Discovery Lesson on the Importance of Taking Time Away from Social Media

As you may know, I have been reaching out and asking people I admire what daily practices (i.e., record worthy practices) they perform in their lives to feel better about themselves. I encourage you to sit back, put away your distractions for a few minutes, and reflect. Think about how you can apply the record worthy practice, which is shared below, in your life.

Today, Rebecca Fraser-Thill suggests:

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Dr. Pooky Knightsmith Hesmondhalgh's Self-Discovery Lesson on the Importance of Listening

I'm excited to get started! Today, Pooky Knightsmith Hesmondhalgh, Ph.D., a specialist in student mental health and emotional well-being from the U.K., is sharing her record worthy practice with all of us. I met Pooky through the WordPress blogging community. Pooky has personal experience with the issues she teaches and writes about, and she shares her insight from a first-person perspective.

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Raffi: Lyrics Touch Lives

During my childhood, the lyrics of Raffi Cavoukian (a.k.a Raffi, the children’s singer) influenced me a lot.  Therefore, I was delighted when I randomly encountered him recently at the Salt Spring Island Market. I took the ferry over to the beautiful Salt Spring Island with some friends to check out the Saturday Market.  Downtown Ganges (the main town) is packed with local vendors displaying their crafts.  While I was wandering around, a friend pointed out Raffi selling his books and CD’s. 

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How To Become a Better Blogger by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

I have been asked many times by new and fellow bloggers for advice on how to better their blog. I'm starting a series on this.  So, when a friend of mine and fellow blogger, Anne-Sophie Reinhardt,  volunteered to write a guest post, I suggested she share with us her tips on how to become a better blogger.  Hence, this post was created.  Anne-Sophie is an awesome communicator, who gives tremendous advice. She is so kind and even offered to give away 10 copies of her latest book on the same topic to readers. Thanks, Anne-Sophie, for helping others shine!  Find out how to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

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Exciting Life Project on the Horizon

It is a raining here, but I have some news that will brighten a gloomy day.  I'm putting together a fun and positive life experiment which will start on November 1st.  I'm not going to give you any more hints other than if you like my blog, YOU WILL WANT TO BE PART OF IT!!!!

I will be sending out an email giving you all the details a week before it starts. You should join my newsletter so you don't miss out!  The project is fun, inspiring, reflective, and positive. I hope it will make you shine brighter than you already do.  Don't worry; you won't be doing it alone - I'm going to do it too!

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The Importance of Community

Many people lack authentic social connections, and mask their personal issues from others.  To enable people to share their deep personal experiences, i.e., about bullying, self-esteem, and personal development, was one of the reasons I began my blog.  I think of this blog as an online “safe haven” where people can tell others about their personal issues without worry of stigmatization. It was designed as a general forum where people in need can see others sharing their stories, and thus giving them options for seeking help rather than opting for unhealthy drastic measures.

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Online communication: Is it influencing our relationships?

Communication methods have changed over the 21st century.  In the previous century, people would send letters, place telephone calls on land lines, or talk to each other in person.  While these methods are still used today, the internet has changed the manner and the speed in which individuals communicate with one another.  For example, most Canadian families and individual’s have a personalized computer and access to the internet (Gross, 2004; Valkenburg & Peter, 2007).  When the internet first became popular, people would send e-mails as their main form of communication. Presently, however, the internet has become the status quo in all social settings; with emailing, instant messaging, and online networking sites (e.g., Facebook) being used as standard modes of communication.

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New Blog!!!

Aloha everyone!

I just got back from a two week family vacation in the beautiful state of Hawaii. While relaxing on the beach, I looked around and everyone I saw was smiling, having fun, enjoying the surroundings and at peace. It's a special place. I saw women and men from all over the world of many shapes and sizes.

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